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All About Me
Personal Information
My name is Dawayne Bailey, I'm 27 years old, I live in New Jersey.As you can see, I'm in the music business, I'm a male vocalist. I was just signed to a major record deal, with "First Priority Records". MC Lyte and I are labelmates. I'm the nicest guy in the world, I love to interact with people.I'm loved by many, hated by a few! My album will be released at a later date, because I just got started, I'l update you later! The album is not yet titled, but it will be released on "First Priority Records"!

My Interests
My hobbies are singing, playing B-ball, spending time with my daughter Najirah, and giving my Rottweiler "Yogi" much love! My favorite movie is anything by Wes Craven, he's a real scary motha' @#$%*'! My favorite foods are my mom's fried chicken, lasagne, clams,they give me surplus stamina, (for you know what)!!!!!!

Favorite Websites

My favorite websites are: GoWendy.Com Web Broadcast chat

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